Therapeutic Practitioners

mcimELIZABETH SEGURA, Acupuncture. Elizabeth Segura received her diploma in Medicine and Homeopathy from the National School of Medicine and of Homeopathy of Mexico (IPN) in 1992.  She then completed specialization in Sports Medicine in 1995 at the Superior School of Medicine in Mexico.  In Canada, she continued her studies of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and received a diploma in Acupuncture at Collège Rosemont in 2003. She subsequently pursued training in acupuncture including the Japanese approach and German auriculopuncture.  She also completed training in Neurofeedback and Biofeedback in California to further her education in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  She is a member of the Order of the Acupuncturists of the Quebec (OAQ) and the Professional Association of Naturopaths of Quebec (APNQ). She has more than 14 years experience in the CAM field.

mcimHÉLÈNE OUELLET, psychology. Coming soon.
mcimPHILIPPE FUNEZ, Shiatsu Massage. Philippe was born and raised in France. He trained in ergonomics and naturopathy in Paris and continued this work in Montreal in 2009 where he co-founded “Bluecony”, a storefront company on St Lawrence boulevard that specializes in ergonomic consulting and retailing of ergonomic furniture. As a perpetual seeker of new opportunities to educate himself and develop his practice, he discovered Tao Shiatsu, a Japanese massage therapy technique based on the energetic meridians. He developed an instant passion for shiatsu. This form of therapeutic massage, although not quite as well known as other massage modalities, focuses on promoting a harmony between body and mind and does not merely focus on symptoms. Philippe is accredited by the Fédération Québécoise de Massothérapie and offers treatments in various clinics as well as at the Yoga studio Equilibrium. He does all this while still maintaining an active presence at Bluecony.
mcimERIC DIGRAS, Massage Therapy. Coming soon.
EMMANUEL COMTE, Naturopathy. Emmanuel Comte ND.A. started his formal training in naturopathy in Paris at CENATHO. In 2006, he graduated from the EESNQ (École d’Enseignement Supérieur de Naturopathie du Québec). Since then he has attended numerous seminars on the topic of naturopathy and natural health issues. In 2007, he obtained the FLT (First Line Therapy) certification, a therapeutic lifestyle changes program that helps patients reverse chronic illness. He likes educating people on prevention and emphasizes the importance of healthy lifestyle habits (food, physical activity, stress response, ecological environment, etc) for optimal health.

LUCETTE MARTEL, Naturopathy. Lucette Martel graduated in Naturopathy in 1996 with and ND. A. from the Institut de Recherches en Homéopathie et Biothérapies (I.I.R.H.B.) in Montreal. She has continued to deepen her education by taking additional training in naturopathy, nutrition, aromatherapy and Bowen therapy. In 2002, she obtained her diploma as a Bowen Practitioner in addition to the certification from the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (B.T.A.A.). She actively continues learning in this field.

mcimDAVID O’HARE, MD, Cardiac Coherence. David O’Hare, MD was born in Ontario, studied in the US and France and received his medical degree from the University of Marseille in 1977. He opened his first practice in the same year in Marseille and then moved to Nimes in the south of France where he continued his medical practice until 2006. During this period, he incorporated family medicine, nutrition and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) psychotherapy into his successful practice. He has specialty diplomas in family medicine, aeronautical and space medicine, medical nutrition and CBT psychotherapy. In addition, he completed a post-doctoral diploma in homeopathy from l’Institut National Homéopathique Français in Paris. Dr. O’Hare decided to stop his clinical practice after 30 years in 2006 and moved to Montreal to devote his energy to teaching, writing and lecturing at conferences. In 2006, he joined the team of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in Paris at l’Institut de Médecine Intégrative in order to teach Cardiac Coherence (heart rate variability). He continues to teach Cardiac Coherence in France, Belgium and Switzerland and has written numerous books on the subject. He founded l’Institut Emnergie in Montreal with the teaching of Cardiac Coherence to health care professionals as one of its core mandates. In 2012, Dr. O’Hare joined the Montreal Centre for Integrative Medicine to further share his passion of teaching Cardiac Coherence to patients and professionals.
mcimVALÉRIE NAMER, Osteopathy. Valérie Namer has a medical degree from France and osteopathy training (D.O., MROQ Canada). She has been practising osteopathy and nutritional counselling in private practice in Montreal since 2006, collaborating with many centres of integrative health. In addition, she has been teaching physiology and nutrition for many years at institutions like U.Q.A.M., Centre Ostéopathie du Quebec, and at Institiute Kinéconcept®. As part of her ongoing counting education, she attends regular conferences and seminars in Canada, Europe and South America.