Our Policies

Missed appointments:  All appointments must be cancelled a minimum of 2 working days prior to your scheduled visit with our physicians and practitioners. Since we reserve the time slot specifically for you, late cancellations will be subject to an amount equal to 50% of the holistic health participation fees.

Test results: We will notify you of any abnormal test results (lab, diagnostic imaging, and other private testing) and arrange for appropriate follow up with your physician. However, due to the large volume of tests results, we will not notify you of normal test results. We encourage you to book an appointment with your physician at any time to go over any and all results in detail.

Phone consults: Phone consultations (initial or follow up) are generally not done by our physicians, except under special circumstances. Please contact our office to inquire further.

Privacy Policy: We greatly value your privacy. Our physicians and therapeutic practitioners are all bound by professional codes regarding confidentiality. However, we are an integrative centre and would ideally share pertinent medical and health information with our internal practitioners or an external practitioner to whom we would refer you. This will be addressed further at your initial visit.